from Maumere to Ambon

October 26- November 9, 2014 (14 nights)

Was 3400 euros, NOW only 2990 euros per person


As we are convinced of the beauty of our varied marine life, the warm hospi-tality of the Indonesian people and the professionalism of our dive boat operators, promotes this exciting cruising adventure with great enthusiasm. We explain you the essentials of a live-aboard, offer you a wide selection of reliable boat operators and present an extensive description of vessels  and destinations.


Unique is the time schedule that shows you the whereabouts of all our vessels during the next 2 years in one glance. Those who book with us enjoy several advantages like cheap domestic flights and accommodations around Indonesia. Please feel welcome to explore our site and if you find anything missing or you have questions, contact us at:    



Pearl of Papua

30% discounts on following trips

September 14 - 24, 2014// 10N11D - Southern and Northern of Raja Ampat


28 Oct - 4 Nov 2014 cruise, 7 nights Sorong Sorong, Raja Ampat

30% off this cruise- all cabins

Per person cost, (double occupancy)

Seahorse Standard cabin US$1,519.00

Trevally Deluxe cabin US$1,617.00

Manta Suite cabin US$1,715.00

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10% discount on all available cabins

Sep 15-25, 2014

Itinerary Bali Komodo Bali

Stateroom 2, now only 3070.80

Stateroom 4 now only 2,687.40

Sept 29 Oct 9, 2014

Itinerary Bali Komodo Bali

Staterooms 2, now only 3070.80

Stateroom 3, now only 3070.80

Stateroom 4, now only 2,687.40


The "Boat Descriptions" page offers you an overview and links to specifi-cations of the live-aboards that Live-aboards Indonesia represents. Please click on the pictures for entering each individual boat page.


Under "Boat Schedules" you find a combination of a calendar and live- aboards with their scheduled cruises. This file gives you the possibility to find easily which boats are at a certain location during a certain month. It may take some time for the large file to open, but you will find it helpful for planning your cruise.





04 to 15 Sept. 2014 (12 days/11 nights)

KOMODO - "West meets East" Save US$ 830 per person

18 to 27 Sept. 2014 (10 days/9 nights)

ALOR - "Gems of Alor" Save US$660 per person

12 to 24 Oct. 2014 (13 days/12 nights)

BANDA SEA - "Spices & Snakes" Save US$830 per person

27 October to 07 November 2014 (12 days/11 nights)

SERAM SEA - "Secret of Seram" Save US$1200 per person

Under "Destination Description" you will find information on the most popular diving destinations. The pages include maps. An overview of the available maps you can find under "Destination Maps".


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