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Indonesia Based
Indonesia Based

Being based in the center of Indonesia, Makassar, gives us direct and personal access to all the liveaboards and dive resorts. Providing you the most complete and up-to-date information.

Experience & Know-how

Having spend 11 years as a Master Scuba Diving instructor and even owned a live-aboard in Indonesia ourselves we know what a great dive holiday is.

24/7 support & Multilingual

With a perfect mix of Western and Indonesian staff to help you in Eng, Deu, Fre, Spa or Ind. Our special flight booking team keeps track 7 days ahead on all changes.

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Adelaar Liveaboard1
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$400,00 /night
Alexa Yacht1
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Bali - Komodo

Ambai Liveaboard Indonesia1
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Ambon - Komodo - Raja Ampat

$335,00 /night
Amira Liveaboard1
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Komodo - Raja Ampat

$400,00 /night
Ananda Liveaboard1
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Ambon - Komodo

Arenui Liveaboard1
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All over Indonesia

$540,00 /night
Aurora Liveaboard1
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Alor - Ambon - Banda Sea - Halmahera - Komodo - Raja Ampat

$370,00 /night
Black Manta Liveaboard1
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Black Manta

Alor - Ambon - Banda Sea - Komodo - Raja Ampat

$335,00 /night
Calico Jack Liveaboard
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Calico Jack

Raja Ampat

$330,00 /night
Carpe Diem Liveaboard1
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Carpe Diem

Bali - Rote Sawu - Sumba

Damai I Liveaboard1
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Damai I

Alor - Ambon - Banda Sea - Cendrawasih Bay - Komodo - Raja Ampat

$525,00 /night
Damai II Liveaboard1
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Damai II

Alor - Ambon - Bali - Banda Sea - Komodo - Raja Ampat

$550,00 /night