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Liveaboards Indonesia

  Please bear in mind that all liveaboards and dive resorts offer the same published price/rate to the agent as to the public. As an agent we can offer a greater selection and more variety should your first choice not be available.

  We take all the hard work out of finding a suitable holiday, using our knowledge and experience to match you to your perfect boat or resort. We are also there to help with all the extras like flights, transfer and transit hotels and off course to support you should anything go wrong.

Liveaboards Indonesia
Wellenreng Liveaboard1
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All over Indonesia (Max. 6 pax)

$350,00 /night
Waow Liveaboard1
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Alor - Ambon - Banda Sea - Cendrawasih Bay - Komodo - Raja Ampat (Max. 18 pax)

$580,00 /night
Tiger Blue Liveaboard1
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Tiger Blue

All over Indonesia (Max. 12 pax)

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Bali - Kalimantan - Komodo - Raja Ampat - Sulawesi - Sumatra (Max. 16 pax)

$390,00 /night
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Lembeh - Halmahera - Sangihe Islands - Togian (Max. 8-10 pax)

$170,00 /night
Silolana Liveaboard1
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All over Indonesia (Max. 12 pax)

Shakti Liveaboard1
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Raja Ampat (Max. 10 pax)

$360,00 /night
Full Boat
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Seamore Papua

Ambon - Banda - Komodo - Misool - Raja Ampat - Takabonerate (Max. 18 pax)

$270,00 /night
Alor Diving
Raja Ampat