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To figure out how ghost sharks evolved, scientists virtually reconstructed an ancient shark brain

The more than 280-million-year-old skull was from an ancient relative of today’s ghost sharks by Rachel Becker MBARI recently captured a modern ghost shark on video. MBARI A fossilized shark skull that’s more than 280 million years old could be a missing evolutionary link between sharks, and their strange deep-sea relatives known as ghost sharks. […]

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Never be out of range: Research could make texting while scuba diving possible

By Lulu Chang Published December 22, 2016 One day soon, you may no longer be able to use “I’m going through a tunnel” as an excuse for why you’ve just hung up the phone. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and its AMEBA (A Mechanically Based Antenna) team are working on methods to ensure […]

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Newly discovered ‘Casper’ octopod at risk from deep-sea mining

This photograph of a ghostlike octopod, observed at the Necker Ridge, is almost certainly an undescribed species and may not belong to any described genus. Credit: Courtesy of NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Hohonu Moana 2016 Last spring, researchers made headlines with the discovery of what was surely a new species of octopod, […]

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Disabled diver invents the Scuba Chair – the world’s first affordable self-propelled underwater wheelchair

A disabled scuba diver says he has invented the world’s first affordable self-propelled underwater wheelchair. The brainchild of Igor Skikevich, 51, is about to go into full production. He recently signed a deal with a factory which is to start mass manufacturing his invention which he calls the ‘submarine-wheelchair’. The specially-adapted wheelchairs will go on […]

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Meet Greg Lecoeur, Our Nature Photographer of the Year

BY GREG LECOEUR 12 DECEMBER 2016 Greg Lecoeur sold his company and left home to dive around the world. Greg Lecoeur’s stunning photograph of a sardine run won National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year contest, beating out thousands of other entries. Lecoeur is originally from Nice, France, but now lives a nomadic life, diving […]

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[Newsmaker] Jeju’s women divers gain UNESCO recognition

‘Haenyeo’ culture recognized for empowering women, eco-friendly fishing and embodying regional identity When the female divers of Jeju Island emerge from their minutes-long foray underwater, they let out a much-awaited sigh. Called “sumbi,” the exhalation releases carbon dioxide from the lungs with a sound that is similar to whistling. When the divers pop up in […]

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Wheelchair-bound woman plans to go scuba-diving

Dubai-based Shobhika Kalra to take the big plunge at The Atlantis’ Ambassador Lagoon this Friday   By Sharmila Dhal, Chief Reporter   Shobhika Kalra is set to become the UAE’s first wheelchair-bound woman to go scuba-diving   Shobhika Kalra at a swimming session ahead of the November 25 scuba-diving attempt   Dubai: A Dubai resident […]

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Fish Use Lights Too: The Role of Red Fluorescence

By Ian Bongso-Seldrup Source: Science Daily   The Technicolor wonders of the reef are a sight to behold—provided, of course, you have a decent amount of artificial light to see it. Otherwise, it’s a dull, blue-green world down there, devoid of all those lovely yellows, oranges and reds. It turns out that fish, too, have […]

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British diver photographs bizarre underwater ‘LAKE’ at the bottom of a flooded cave

Astonishing natural wonder looks like a body of water, but is found on the bed of a deep watery cavern BY JASPER HAMILL   A BRITISH diver has snapped incredible pictures of an eerie “lake” at the bottom of a flooded cave. Tom St George, a 45-year-old Londoner, plunged 100 feet into the Cenote Angelita […]

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How do Arctic sea ice changes affect whales?

By Bob Berwyn   Study tracks belugas in global warming era Beluga whales migrating through fractured sea ice in the Alaskan Arctic. Photo by Vicki Beaver/NOAA.   Staff Report The relationship between Arctic whales and sea ice is still largely a mystery, but there is increasing concern over how these species will adapt to climate […]

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