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What is a Liveaboard

Sail to distant dive sites

Explore the untouched beauty

It literally means you live on board of a vessel for a minimum of 1 night. The beauty is that you eat, sleep, shower and relax on board, alternated by swims, dives or land visits.

Boarding an Indonesian liveaboard means entering a floating and moveable resort for a minimum amount of nights and sailing to undiscovered and exotic dive & snorkel sites.

Not many people are familiar with this concept and therefore we are more than open to answer all your questions.

There are many variations of liveaboard vessels; between 15 and 50 meter length, made of steel, fiber or wood, 1, 2, 3 or 4 decks, sail and/or motor, basic, medium or high class.

All these elements, as well as capacity, facilities and service level, are to be considered before you make your choice. By clicking on Liveaboards in the menu you get access to an overview of all the boats and details. We have divided our officially partnered liveaboards into 3 different price classes (group A with rates above $450, B between $350 – 450 and C under $350, per person per day).

The prices, promos and hot deals excluded, are fixed for all dive and travel agencies and the boats themselves.

Dive cruise

By far the most popular are the dive cruises, focusing on 3 to 5 dives a day! The dives start early in the morning until the night dive around 7 or 8 pm. Most liveaboards are designed for diving and have facilities like rinsing tubs, camera work stations, dive decks, tanks, gear NITROX, experience international guides and more. The diving program depends on natural elements. However, also joining dive cruises as a non-diver is an unforgettable experience full with alternative entertainment. Have a look at the boats or just ask us directly.

Cultural cruise

The cultural cruise brings you a varied program of island hopping with visits to traditional villages and houses, different cultures, enjoy local art works, beautiful sceneries, impressive flora and fauna, indigenous dances and rites. These day excursions will be alternated by some swimming and snorkeling. Diving is sometimes possible, sometimes not.

Mixed cruise

The mixed cruise will offer you a certain mixture of both diving and culture.

Surf cruise

The surf cruise is special for wave surfers who like to find the places with great swell and no competitors. Those spots are often remote and usually not interesting for divers or sometimes even impossible to dive.

Private cruise

The private cruise is a customized tour, arranged according your wishes. Not only for vacation purposes but also suitable for scientific research and exploration, photo/film expedition or development work. Please see full charter in the menu or let us know your desires and we find the perfect full charter.

Period and destinations

You have to be aware that accessibility of most destinations are subjected to the seasons. Wind and waves vary, depending on the monsoons. They influence boat speed, underwater visibility and comfort. That’s why many boats operate in different area’s round the year. For example, in Indonesia during May until October a boat chooses to operate Bali-Komodo, then this boat moves to Raja Ampat (Papua) for the months November until April. In both areas you can join round trips. However, on the way from one area to another, you are also able to join a certain part of the journey. Normally the length of a pre-scheduled cruise varies between several days until a couple of weeks.

For you to pick a live-aboard cruise, you have 3 choices to make:

a) where do you want to go

b) when do you want to go

c) which boat would you like to sail

The process

Booking is very easy, you can either find a trip and boat yourself via our website or just drop us a line and let us come up with a beautiful selection.

After the booking your journey is about to start. The moment you arrive at the airport, staff of the cruise operator will be waiting for you and accompany you to the boat.

Once all are aboard and the luggage is stored in the cabins, you will meet staff and fellow travelers, get a briefing about boat regulations, safety procedures and get a short impression of the trip to come. Sailing out the harbor you have time to get settled and check out the boat while enjoying your first drink at sea.

All pre-scheduled trips have fixed routes and points of anchorage. The proportion of sailing and anchorage depend on the itinerary of course, but all operators have balanced this nicely. If the schedule demands a lot of sailing, this normally takes place at night. Most vessels have an average cruising speed between 7-10 knots (1 Knot = 1 Nautical mile/ hour = 1.85 km per hour) in normal weather and current conditions. Some steel vessels can go up to 12-14 knots.

During the day you either dive, snorkel, surf or visit islands. To get you to these spots, the live-aboards use tenders (also called dinghies). Powered by outboard engines, these tenders are fast, maneuverable and hardly have any draught which makes islands accessible. After the dive or land tour the dinghy will pick you up and escort you back to the main vessel.

Meals are served directly on the plate or in buffet style. You like to join others at a table or eat by yourself at the bowsprit is totally up to you. They might even offer lunch or dinner at the beach. If you have any special dietary requirements for any reason, please check with us whether the vessel you prefer will provide this service. At night you can sleep in your cabin or find a place on deck and sleep under the open sky.

Let us find you the perfect trip